All contributions to NJOY will be done through a Pull Requests (this includes code written at LANL).

  1. Make a clone of the repository you wish to modify.
  2. Make changes to the source code, keeping in mind:

    1. Make sure you follow the Style Guide.
    2. Ensure your tests adequately cover (> 90%) the production code
  3. Submit a pull request.

Submitting a pull request will notify the NJOY developers at LANL that your changes are ready to be made. Your pull request will then go through a review process which includes:

  1. Checks to see that the code adheres to the Style Guide.
  2. Ensure that the submitted code does what it is expected to do.
  3. Ensure that the test coverage is sufficient (as measured by Coveralls).

If these criteria are met, then the code will be accepted into the master branch, which is the official version of the code.

For more information about how to create a pull request, see Creating a pull request on GitHub.